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Military Artifact & Equipment Restorations Page 1

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M60-A3 Main Battle Tank

M60A3 Main Battle Tank Restoration Complete AmVets Post #77 - Eric & Terri

Yes - This is an M60-A3 Main Battle Tank and it is in the restoration gallery of a Hand Crafted Custom Woodworking & Antique Restoration shop. We have often stated that we are eclectic, and we are often the only shop that will take on some of the more obscure projects. Anyone that has debated that, should be placated by this project. Shown above (Photo by James Gross, Jr.)

The US Armed Forces provide equipment for display and monument purposes to Veterans, Municipalities, Cities, Museums, National Guard Posts, and other organizations. Maintenance of this equipment falls to the responsibility of the organization, not with the US Armed Forces.

It has come to our attention through volunteer efforts at the NJ National Guard 112th Field Artillery Museum that many of our state's military monuments are left in weathered or unfit condition for display. The US Armed forces require regular inspection and maintenance of monuments to assure that the honor and integrity of the intent of such displays remains intact.

M60A3 Main Battle Tank Prior to Restoration AmVets Post #77 - Side ViewM60A3 Main Battle Tank Prior to Restoration AmVets Post #77 - Front View

Although display equipment is not subject to the rigors of combat, it is exposed to the elements of our environment and unfortunately vandalism. Paints fade in the sun and rain, water buildup in rims and tracks causes rust, people shove trash into openings, leaves and other natural debris falls into the equipment, bees and birds decide to build nests, and the occasional spray paint attack all take their toll.

M60A3 Main Battle Tank Prior to Restoration AmVets Post #77 - Tracks 1M60A3 Main Battle Tank Prior to Restoration AmVets Post #77 - Wheel Closeup

Rust is the primary enemy of metallic monuments - if it is kept at bay with regular checks and treatments surface rust damage can be minimized. The oxidation process can never be stopped, but it can be slowed and hidden. Wire brushing, power washing, sanding, and chemical treatments are all employed to remove loose rust and paint the condition and repair surfaces.

M60A3 Main Battle Tank Prior to Restoration AmVets Post #77 - Tracks 2 M60A3 Main Battle Tank Prior to Restoration AmVets Post #77 - Side of Turret

Tanks and other equipment are often painted improperly, using gloss paints or colors not officially sanctioned by the U.S. Armed Forces. Although some liberties are often taken with displays, emphasis should be placed on utilizing the original oil based low luster finishes that were originally applied to these pieces. Above left shows an example of a high gloss black paint applied to this tank prior to our restoration efforts.

Artisans onsite restoration services will perform the basic required maintenance to repaint tanks and other equipment. Please note, our standard onsite services DO NOT include bringing the entire surface to bare metal, heavy sand blasting, or disassembly of any equipment.

We are not ourselves equip to move tanks or heavy equipment, we may have our one ton diesel pickup and a host of chains and straps, but given the 57 ton mass of metal incorporated into an M60-A3, it's unlikely we'll get very far! We will assist in the replacement of tires on cannons or other wheeled vehicles where feasible; and we will accept smaller pieces for more detailed restorations at our shop. We will also provide full restoration services for historic carriages and artillery pieces at our shop.

M60A3 Main Battle Tank Restoration Complete AmVets Post #77 - Side Angle Front View

An immediate difference is reflected (or perhaps lack of reflection) in this M60-A3 when the high gloss black paint was brushed down and coated with an appropriate low luster finish. We offer single color or camouflage options, and in addition can provide stencils for any lettering or logos. Lettering is offered as spray templates or in printed vinyl.

We will lay tarps and paint all accessible areas of the tank, including undercarriages. Depending on the circumstances we may spray or brush on the paint as required. We will use military issue or approved paints where required and as available.

M60A3 Main Battle Tank Restoration Complete AmVets Post #77 - Back View M60A3 Main Battle Tank Restoration Complete AmVets Post #77 - Drive Gear CloseupM60A3 Main Battle Tank Restoration Complete AmVets Post #77 - Side View

A properly maintained static tank, cannon, or other equipment requires yearly maintenance. Diligent touch-up is required to ensure the longevity of each piece; this service is also available. If small spots of rust or damage are repaired quickly, further damage is prevented.

Organizations interested in having Artisans provide onsite restoration services for your military equipment should contact us via email or phone. We can provide estimates via photographs, and finalize our proposal upon a final site inspection. Please contact us with a reasonable lead time ahead of any planned events or ceremonies, we prefer at least 6-8 weeks notice as restorations take 1-2 full days to complete depending on the location and condition of the piece.

The Battleship NJ (BB62) - Ship's Wheels

Battleship NJ BB62 Ships WheelThe deck excluded, there's not a lot of wood on an Iowa class battleship, Artisans recently completed a basic cleaning and restoration on the Battleship NJ's wheels. Click Here to see the work on this restoration.

The USS New Jersey completed her Final Voyage home from Bremerton, Washington to the former Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard, arriving there appropriately enough, on Veteran's Day 1999. The Navy's decision to permanently berth the Battleship in Camden was announced on January 20, 2000.

The Battleship New Jersey, our Nation's most decorated battleship, is now a floating museum on the Delaware River, along the Camden Waterfront across from Center City Philadelphia.

History comes to life as visitors experience a two-hour guided tour through the Iowa-class ship, one of the largest battleships ever built. .

Monmouth Battlefield State Park Cannon

Monmouth Battlefield State Park Cannon Restoration(Click for more information.)The first cannon in the Monmouth Battlefield State Park Museum, this reproduction French fourr-pounder was donated through the Friends of Monmouth in dire need of attention. Artisans provided services to reproduce a new cannon trail section to replace the existing rotted piece. More...

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