The sticks are picked … the 1st “Walk for Pat” commission is underway!

We’ve just confirmed the first commission under our “A Cause for Walking Sticks” initiative! This is a very special commission for four hand crafted walking sticks by Stanley D. Saperstein; four uniquely personalized gifts that beyond the artistic and forthcoming sentimental value will convey our client’s desire to support Rory Fanning and above all the Pat Tillman Foundation.

We can’t release too many more details about the sticks just yet as these staffs will be gifts, and only a few people are aware of the game-plan at this point. I think it’s safe to say our client comes from a family filled with football players and soldiers; and they are all obviously aware of the sacrifices made on the behalf of freedom. We were very excited to kick off our small part of the Walk for Pat fund raising efforts with not one, but four sticks!

We’ll keep you posted as this project progresses, and meanwhile we encourage each of you to find your own way to help. Please feel free to submit your thoughts and ideas as a comment here, we’ll make certain to forward them to Rory or post your comments directly to his blog or website.

“Pat is an example current leadership can take the greatest lesson from. To have unlimited comfort and security, only give it up for the pain and toil of greater cause is epic. We need those who were closest to Pat, to find more like him. The headlines continue to make this obvious. Please continue to support this walk and the PTF by spreading the word. Pat Tillman’s memory must live on.” – Rory Fanning

Please make sure you keep up your daily regiment of reading Rory Fanning’s Blog for current updates about his journey across the US.

Rory’s latest entry as of today is:

The Facebook badge image below will automatically update with Rory’s current location. Please take a moment to visit his website, learn more about the Pat Tillman Foundation, and make a contribution to Rory’s quest!  

Click here to visit Rory Fannings Walk for Pat Tillman Facebook Profile

Click here to visit Rory Fanning’s

Walk for Pat Tillman Facebook Profile


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