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EBRU-TV “Blank Canvas” Season 1 Episode 4

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Blank Canvass - Artisans of the Valley Artist Profile TV Shoot

“Blank Canvas” – by EBRU TV

For those whom are new to our blog site – Artisans of the Valley with our full cast of characters (Eric M. Saperstein,  Stanley D. Saperstein, and a rare on camera appearance by Cindy Saperstein) will be featured on EBRU TV’s new show entitled “Blank Canvas.”




Original On Air Schedule RCN Channel #53

September 26, 2009 Saturday
01:30 am / 01:00 pm / 09:30 pm

September 27, 2009 Sunday
04:30 pm

September 28, 2009 Monday
12:30 am

September 30, 2009 Wednesday
06:30 pm

October 01, 2009 Thursday
09:00 pm

“Each week on Blank Canvas, we meet extraordinary artists and share in their stories of passion and dedication. What drove them to their art? How did it feel the first time they picked up that brush and filled up a blank canvas? Sometimes it is a form of personal expression, and other times, it is a way to preserve one’s heritage. A few rare artists even use their art forms to build bridges and foster dialogue, bringing people together. We also delve into the life of the artist, his fears and passions and ultimately how he uses his art form to make sense of the world and strengthen his connection to the divine.” –

The show features as an eleven minute segment of a half hour show featuring two artist profiles in each episode. Filmed on May 29, 2009 – the show will be aired on September 24th. We’re hoping that more networks pick up the EBRU programming soon, they are a growing Turkish based company that has an established worldwide audience.

So where can you see “Blank Canvass?” – our episode is scheduled to air on RCN Channel #53 at 9:00pm (EST) on Thursday September 24th, 2009. We should have more information around that tie about the availability of the DVD and when it will available via streaming video on

Photography on this Page by Henry Schweber

Producer: Archana Mahalingam
Host: Yakenda McGahee
Cameraman: Tim McNanny
Production assistant: Akmal Hamid

Satellite: Galaxy 25 (97 W)
Frequency: 12.084 MHz.
Polarization: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 22.000

300 Franklin Square Drive
Somerset, NJ 08873 USA
Phone: 1 (732) 560 0800 – Fax: 1 (732) 560 0801


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