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Victorian Gallery

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Marquetry Bridge Table

This is a unique piece, a folding marquetry bridge table. Watch the transition of this piece to include a new leather top, replacing the missing veneer, and restructuring the loose and weakened framework.

Marquetry Bridge Table Surface Before Restoration

Marquetry Bridge Table Apron Before RestorationMarquetry Bridge Table Felt Card Top Before Restoration

After a much needed restoration - this bridge table is stable and ready to trump another generation.

Marquetry Bridge Table Apron Restoration Complete - Closed TopMarquetry Bridge Table Apron Restoration Complete - EndMarquetry Bridge Table Apron Restoration Complete - Leather Top 1Marquetry Bridge Table Apron Restoration Complete - Leather Top 2

Leather Top European Oak Card Table

Victorian Card Table Before RestorationVictorian Card Table Before Restoration Loose Leg Closeup

Typical of pieces from this period, the glue has begun to deteriorate and the joints separated. Breaking down the piece, cleaning out the old glue and rebuilding the structure of the piece. Refinishing and a new Italian leather top.

Victorian Card Table After RestorationVictorian Card Table After Restoration Side ViewVictorian Card Table After Restoration Leather Top Closeup

Home Made Cradle

Hand Made Pine Doll Cradle Before Restoration BottomHand Made Pine Doll Cradle Before Restoration Top

This is a simplistic pine doll cradle - hand made within a family. Restored back to esthetic and functional form.

Hand Made Pine Doll Cradle Restoration Complete ForwardHand Made Pine Doll Cradle Restoration Complete BottomHand Made Pine Doll Cradle Restoration Complete Top

Mahogany Salt Chest

Mahogany Salt Chest - After RestorationMahogany Salt Chest - After Restoration

Mahogany Salt Chest - Before Restoration

This chest is based on the concept of a salt chest. They were basically no more than a solid wooden box with hidden hinges and a reasonably secure lock.

They were most often used in the kitchen to hold salt, sugar, spices, coffee, and other valuable commodities to prevent the servants from pinching a taste.

Mahogany Salt Chest - Restoration In Progress Finish and Hardware Removed

The task at hand was first to open the locked chest, of course without a key. Then refinish the piece and restore the brass straps.

Chest restoration now complete, the brass has been polished, the finish restored, and the siezed wheels are working again.

Shop Project Stool

This old stool looks remarkably like someone's school shop project. Part of an estate restoration, it's in the mix and we figured it will make a great example of a very simple piece to make an eclectic accent as a plant stand, foot rest, child's bench, or why not just as a stool? Left is restoration in progress, photos to the right are after the restoration was complete.

Stool Restoration - In ProgressStool Restoration - Completed Right AngleStool Restoration - Completed Front

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