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European Radio Cabinet

This 1920's European Walnut German cabinet required a multiple fretwork repairs, and was in dire need of refinishing. Our original plan was to attempt finish conservation, however even the milder chemicals stripped the dried lacquer within seconds. Removing this finish removed years of dirt and grim, and did no harm to the value since the piece is not an antique. This piece is an example of a high quality mass production line.

The value of the piece was perhaps $100 in broken condition, only to someone that knew it could be restored. We estimate a commission of a new hand made piece would run around $8,000. Comparably, a very small investment in restoration brought it back to life and to a value perhaps around $1,500-2,500. This piece amazed even us, finding a beautiful light walnut under a mask of dirty finish is like uncovering buried treasure. We were thrilled to deliver it to our client, who never expected this drastic of a result.

Showing structural damage repairs, broken or even lost legs can be repaired or replaced.

1920's European Walnut German Cabinet(View larger picture)

Restored Art Deco Cedar Hope Chest

Art Deco Hope Chest

This Art Deco Cedar Hope chest arrived in a state common to veneer pieces, significant peeling, bubbling, and already having lost large sections of veneer. The catch here was "French Walnut" ... not only French, but stripped and fit on an angle to create a diagonal pattern.

Matching the crotch mahogany was easy, the striped walnut is extremely rare and limited to 1/64th inch paper backed products. Our task was to cut, fit, adhere, and color match the new veneering on the entire top surface to the existing piece.

Art Deco Chest RestoredArt Deco Chest Before Restoration

Artisans of the Valley Maple Dresser Before Restoration Artisans of the Valley Maple Dresser After Restoration Artisans of the Valley Mahogany Secretary Before Restoration Artisans of the Valley Mahogany Secretary After Restoration

Maple dresser & Mahogany Secretary - These are common examples of the victorian era lacquered finishes. They both show extensive scratches, almost every drawer separated, some veneer peeling, and each had a heavy coat of colored lacquer sticking to the surface hiding the grain with an off color yellow aged look.

Both were cleaned of their lacquer finish, which certainly doesn't hurt the value of a victorian piece. They were disassembled; then glued back together to reform the structure.

Finish is now a penetrating stain with a hand rubbed tung oil finish, highlighting the patina of the wood and brining out all the grain and tiny imperfections that show off these pieces as heirloom collectibles.

Artisans of the Valley Clock Completed Antique Clock RestorationTime for Restoration! - Time took its toll on this piece, deteriorating the finish, drying the glue, and wearing the mechanisms. Several parts are missing, and a cheap lacquer cataract holds heavily on the birds eye maple surfaces.

Sorry, the puns are just too irresistible ... and given the perfecting timing for delivery, they are bound to grown on you as well. This piece is in the shop now, give it some time and we'll post finished photos!

Wall Clock Restoration - Closeup Before Wall Clock Restoration - Closeup Before 2
Wall Clock Restoration - Closeup Before 3 Wall Clock Restoration - Closeup Before 4

Wall Clock Restoration - In Progress In Parts Wall Clock Restoration - Closeup Before Whole Clock

Artisans of the Valley Drafting Table Restoration Completed

Mid 20th Century Drawing Table

This pine and chestnut drawing table arrived in far less than perfect condition.

The piece was stored outside, and suffered a great deal of water damage including rotten legs & support structures and separation of almost every glue joint. The hardware was rusted and the finish completely deteriorated.

Artisans of the Valley Drafting Table Restoration Completed - Base CloseupRestoration included complete disassembly, removing all the batons, and starting the joint work fresh. Shown right, the adjustable legs rebuilt and the legs restored to a functional state.

Before Restoration

Drawing Table Before Restoration WholeDrawing Table Before Restoration Split TopDrawing Table Before Restoration Rotted BaseDrawing Table Before Restoration BaseDrawing Table Before Restoration Rotted Leg

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