“Artisans Quarterly Review Vol 4 Issue 4” – 2011 (Yes 2011 …)


Welcome to Artisans of the Valley’s “Artisans Quarterly Review Vol 4 Issue 4” … Yes we’re a little late the subject says 2011. It’s not a typo, things have just been very busy for Artisans since our last issue. We’re finally getting a moment to release this last 2011 issue!

Artisans Quarterly Review is released four times a year, and we periodically send out special announcements to keep everyone up to date. We enjoy interactions with our clients, affiliated artists, and our suppliers. We welcome ideas and submissions for content!

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2011, Late in the 4th Qtr Table of Contents

• Wow, 2011 is Over!?
• The Blending of Art & Wine 2012
• The Blending of Art & Wine 2011
• Tanked Episode 5 “Good Karma”
• Trenton Times Feature Article
• Hopewell Valley News Feature
• A Few Box Repairs
• Breezin’ with Berman
• The Artwork of Kurt Tanzelaar
• The Live Free or Die Eagle
• A Concrete Dovetail Bench
• Concrete & Bubinga Table
• Scrapes, Clamps, and Planes
• A Modern Floating Shelf Unit
• Fun with Video
• A French Desk Restoration
• Modern Metal Work
• Eagle Stocks
• Ink & Oak
• Stopping the Wine
• Artisans Gem of an Opportunity
• Frock and Roll – 2012

Artisans of the Valley offers museum quality period reproductions, original designs by commission, and antique restoration/conservation services, hand carving, modern furniture refinishing, handmade walking sticks, and educational programs. Starting in 2009 Artisans is now offering a full line of architectural elements and furniture maintenance products. Our website includes galleries, feature articles, educational sections, a company background, and our new adventure album. We extend an open invitation to explore our site, and contact us directly with any inquiries or questions you may have.

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Artisans Quarterly Review Previous Issues: Vol 4 Issue 3 – 2011, Vol 4 Issue 2 – 2011, Vol 4 Issue 1 – 2011, Visit our Newletter Page for archived releases!

Please contact us to request our full digital portfolio available on CD.

Thank you for your time, your business, and your support!

Eric M. Saperstein

Master Craftsman

Artisans of the Valley







Artisans Dragon Panel Restoration – Feature on CustomMade.com

Our Dragon Panel Restoration was featured today on CustomMade.com’s blog site in a feature inspired by “The Year of the Dragon” (Link Below) … 2012 is The Year of the Dragon.

“In Chinese astrology, the year of your birth always has a corresponding animal attached to it. Simultaneously, that animal is linked to one of the five elements of earth, water, fire,wood, or metal. Depending upon the exact specifications of when you were born, you could be a Tiger in Earth Cycle or a Rabbit in Wood Cycle or a variety of other combinations. It’s this combination that gives you your specific astrological characteristics.”  – From the custommade.com blog article.

Check out this article for features of various artists inspired by the Dragon!

Dragon Panel Restored


Dragon Panel Restored

Dragon Panel Before RestorationDragon Panel Before Restoration

Dragon Panel Before Restoration


375 Year Old Quarter Sawn White Oak Bible Boxes

Quarter Sawn 375 Year Old White Oak Bible Boxes by Artisans of the Valley

OK – so we have obtained some 375 Year Old Quarter Sawn White Oak – that is the tree was estimated to be 375 years old and it was milled into lumber and slabs.These bible boxes are the first projects completed with this amazing old growth material. We’d love to reveal where the wood came from, but not yet – can’t hint who our clients are! Since the holidays have past, we can now at least show the boxes.

Twelve boxes were made – 11 completed for our client, one – well there was a screw up so the 12th is an error box someday destined to be perhaps the most valuable one!

The boxes are a standard design, assembled with dado joints and pegs. Wooden hinges are a prominent feature. Very basic mitered corners with floating panels – a spline in each corner to provide extra support on the joints. The hand carved cross on each lid provides the affiliation.

Very simple in design and form – but unique – RARE – in the fact that the material holds so much history. We love to work in antique and old growth materials.

Finish is garnet shellac and hand rubbed Waterlox Original Medium Sheen Tung Oil. Final rub with Renaissance wax!

Stay tuned, we have 8 slabs from this tree – and there is a LOT more lumber in storage for other pending projects. Stay tuned for more interesting projects appearing into 2012!

 Our bible box post made the TOP 3 today for most popular projects on www.lumberjocks.com!

www.lumberjocks.com - Feature Artisans of the Valley 375 year old Quarter Sawn White Oak Bible Boxes

Bible boxes, jewelry boxes, stamp boxes, desk boxes, and other interesting decorative storage for well just about anything is available in custom configurations. Common domestic hardwoods are available along with options for exotics and antique materials.



Bubinga Slab Table with Marbleized Concrete Base

Here’s a preview – just something we’ve been up too that we haven’t shared a whole lot yet. We also haven’t done a blog bio on Michael Pietras yet so this may be a bit off for those of you who haven’t followed our newsletters!

Bubinga Slab Top Marbleized Concrete Base Dining Table by Artisans of the Valley

This is a solid African Bubinga live edge slab sitting atop a custom made marbleized concrete base. We’ll be setting up a variety of new modern furniture options incorporating different materials. Bubinga is an amazingly durable material with a unique and distinguished grain pattern – and it just happens to go really well with concrete!

We have a matching 4ft section of this bubinga slab remaining in inventory – it will be made into a matching coffee table.

As of December of 2011 – this table is available on display at Hopewell Valley Vineyards on Yard Road in Pennington, NJ. It debuted in our show “The Blending of Art and Wine” in September of 2011.

If you want an original design or a unique piece unlike anything else on the market today let us know! We’re now accepting commissions for 2012 to incorporate a variety of concrete options into our furniture designs.


Custom GunStock Carving

Custom gunstock carving is an option to dress up your wall hangers with a little color and interest! This carving is featured on the stock of an Ithica Pump, almost any model shotgun or rifle can be carved. The best carving stocks are the lesser grade guns, in other words the plain simple walnut stocks.

Eagle and Banner Gunstock Carving by Artisans of the Valley

A few examples from our gunstock carving gallery. Carvings shown are by Master Craftsman Stanley D. Saperstein.

Please contact us for details on carving your stocks – PLEASE DO NOT ship us firearms! We do not sell or distribute firearms we’re just artists and woodcarvers not firearms dealers.

Services for restoration of historic firearms, artillery, and gunstocks are available. Please contact us for details.


“Woodworker nabs a cameo on Animal Planet” – A Woodshop News Feature!

Thanks to “Woodshop News” for our feature in their December 2011 issue! “Woodworker nabs a cameo on Animal Planet” by Jennifer Hicks profiles our appearance on Animal Planet’s new series “Tanked.”


The Full Digital Issue of December 2011’s Woodshop News:


“Woodshop news” is one of our favorite trade journals. Their focus has remained fixed on the success of woodworking businesses from small studios to full scale commercial operations. Visit http://www.woodshopnews.com/ for more information and to subscribe online or to their printed publication.

Check out a clip of “Tanked” on Animal Planet’s website!




Artisans Quarterly Review Vol 4 Issue 3 – 2011

Artisans Quarterly Review is our ongoing newsletter, it features articles about projects, affiliates, our lives, and just whatever we feel like including. It serves as a record of Artisans, we don’t go back and change history so whatever happens happens! We go on and tell the story as it evolves.


Editors Media Blitz

This issue is going to be somewhat media centric. We’ve been in the newspapers, blogs, featured on an assortment of our affiliates websites, AND … we’re on TV! The media is an interesting animal to care for; we’ve been feeding this creature for a while hoping it will grow as we nourish it with stories from our lives and tales of our artistic adventures.
Features include articles in The Times, The Hopewell Valley News, custommade.com, lumberjocks.com, finewoodworking.com,

Horton-brasses.com, Waterlox.com, www.acrylicaquariums.com, Animal Planet’s “Tanked”, and … what’s pending … well that’s a surprise so stick around!

2011 has brought us good luck with publicity as well as fun projects and new opportunities. We always have a lot more in the works, as it’s been said before “this is NOT the last you’ll hear from us!” We’re ripe for reality TV! We have the cast of characters, the interesting projects, the ironic events, adventures are constant, and we’re certainly a dysfunctional family chuck full of whit and banter! So what network is interested in picking up a show called “American Artisans” … ???

2011 on Air Q3 – Table of Contents

Editors Media Blitz

Artisans & Animal Planet “

Tanked” Airtimes

Artisans gets “Tanked”

The “Sea Chest Bed”

The “Reveal”

The Blending of Art & Wine

Horton Brasses Hand Hammered Hardware

Features of Artisans

Wrong about the Princess?

Silver Clay & Turquoise Stones

Brown’s Upholstery

Building the “Sea Chest Bed” THE MAGGIE B.

Waterlox Finishes the Sea Chest

A Little Wax for the Wear

It’s All About the Fish

Nancy Glass Productions

BenSalz Productions

Thanks for Getting us Tanked

You Know Klise is Involved

Willard Brothers Lumber

W.C. Forge & The Sign Smith

Kitten Adoption Updates

Noodler’s First Swim

Closing Notes

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The Sea Chest Bed – A project for Animal Planet’s show “Tanked.”

Sea Chest Bed for "Tanked" Episode 5 Good KarmaArtists are driven by a desire to be unique; to create and bring to life a reflection of their individuality. Commissioned artists derive their inspiration from a set of requirements defined by the client. Artisans received a call from Nancy Glass Productions regarding a commission for a reality TV show based on fish tanks; specifically a project based on the children’s story “The Maggie B.”

Our first thoughts were, “Ok you want a stand for a fish tank right?” Well, no … Lindsay Bonsall, one of the show’s producers explained that a child would be laying in a bed positioned under a fish tank anchored about five feet off the floor and configured to look like the side of a boat. She then added that this fish tank manifestation of the THE MAGGIE B. boasts a magical portal; this is an acrylic bottom boat!

It took a little imagination to visualize exactly what Lindsay was describing, but we caught on. Design a child’s bed that provides comfort, storage, function, and package it with a nautical theme. We decided to go with a sea chest, one that converts into a bunk to enjoy and fantasize about adventures at sea. We’re going to leave out the details of the recipient of this amazing creation; you’ll have to watch the show for the rest of that story.Sea Chest Bed for "Tanked" Episode 5 Good Karma Portal View

So, our solid cherry “Sea Chest Bed” houses four drawers, a mattress, storage space for planks to convert to a table, and a custom ladder for easy access to the bunk. The piece rests on four locking casters to allow easy positioning.

We passed the fabric material to Richard and Randy Brown of Brown’s Upholstery to create a custom made mattress and bedding.

Check out a clip of “Tanked” on Animal Planet’s website!


Sea Chest Bed for Animal Planet's Tanked Episode 5 Good KarmaSea Chest Bed for Animal Planet's Tanked Episode 5 Good Karma

Sea Chest Bed for Animal Planet's Tanked Episode 5 Good Karma

Sea Chest Bed for "Tanked" Episode 5 Good Karma Group ViewSea Chest Bed for "Tanked" Episode 5 Good Karma Group Into Portal


Artisans Blog Coming Back Online

Greetings after a bit a of a dull period in Artisans of the Valley’s blogging! We’ve had a few technical difficulties and some distractions that have pulled us offline from the previously feverish attention to our blogging. We hope to regain some momentum shortly and once again provide unique stories and articles between our quarterly newsletters through our blog.

Stay tuned – we’ve got a lot of new and interesting products, photos, and a few new stunts in play!



“The Blending of Art & Wine” – September 10th/11th 2011

We’re a little behind even on our OWN blogging – sorry about that … here’s a press release for the pending event this weekend! “The Blending of Art & Wine.” ….

Sept 10th/11th

Also be sure to check us out this Friday night at 9pm EST on Animal Planet’s new show “Tanked!” …

Our latest newsletter
Artisans Quarterly Review Volume 4 Issue 3


Press Release below:

Hopewell Valley residents are known to appreciate artwork in many forms; often traveling the world on a quest to find talented artists. We enjoy the culture and the experience of exotic locations, cities, islands, and boundless antique stores and galleries across the country. Well, it’s time we travel closer to home to enjoy the artwork produced by our own community!

Hopewell Valley has a growing artistic culture including artists of all sorts, employing skills earned from around the world. Bring your paintings, your sculpture, your furniture, your jewelry! If its handcrafted original artwork, it’s welcome at Hopewell Valley Vineyards.

We extend an invitation to the community and local artisans to join us at on the grounds of Hopewell Valley Vineyards and to the properties of all of the Delaware River Valley Wine Trail (DRVWT) members for “The Blending of Art & Wine.” on Sept. 10 and 11 (noon-5 p.m. both days).

Hopewell Valley Vineyards will be hosting artists sponsored by Artisans of the Valley, while other DRVWT members (Old York Cellars, Terhune Orchards and Unionville Winery) will offer their own tastings and artist showings during the weekend. Make sure you follow the whole trail to stop at each of these beautifully maintained vineyards to enjoy a taste of wine and a view of the area’s artistic talents!

Our hosts at Hopewell Valley Vineyards are award-winning winemakers Sergio and Violetta Neri and the event is sponsored by me and independent artist Michael Pietras.

The Neri family brings their Italian heritage of winemaking and a love of art to our Valley by creating a Tuscan winery with a rustic, cozy atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing and sampling wines. Their tasting room features a wood-burning stove, a copper wine bar and lots of large windows to enjoy sipping wine and enjoying the views of the vineyard. Take a stroll onto their deck to bring the wine tasting experience outside. Hopewell Valley Vineyards is a prime example of how modern farming techniques ensure open space can be preserved, productive, and available to the community.

The studios of Artisans of the Valley are nestled into Hopewell Township and have been an icon of the community for over 35 years. Artisans will be onsite with a wide variety of fellow artists and craftsmen providing demonstrations and windows into their portfolios. Anticipate some new and unexpected pieces from Artisans; the debut of their new modern art line will take place at this event!

We’re also excited to announce that a few special guests from The Trenton Animal Shelter will be onsite (Saturday only at Hopewell Valley Vineyards) with some great animals ready for adoption! If you’re looking for a new family member or if you can help out the shelter with a donation of any excess pet supplies or funds, it would be greatly appreciated. Donations will be accepted on both days!

Stop at Hopewell Valley Vineyard for a preview of Artisans’ work now. On display is an amazing New Wave Gothic dining table. Get a glimpse into the lineage of craftsmen behind their artwork through an illuminated manuscript proclaiming the pedigree of Artisans.

We look forward to sharing a great weekend and promoting our community’s talent!

Event locations are:
Hopewell Valley Vineyards
(46 Yard Road)
Old York Cellars
(80 Old York Road, Ringoes)
Terhune Orchards Vineyard and Winery
(330 Cold Soil Road, Lawrence)
Unionville Winery
(9 Rocktown Road, Ringoes)

Admission is free to artists and the general public. Artisans should contact Artisans of the Valley for information on displaying or demonstrating at 609-658-2955.

Eric M. Saperstein

Master Craftsman

Artisans of the Valley